Mr. Transition Guy

Mr Transition GuyHas your lover just dumped you? Has your marriage gone up in flames? Are you battle weary and clueless about dating after being in a long term relationship?

You’ve come to the right place. Mr. Transition Guy has relationship tips and advice that will help guide you as you dive back into the singles pool.

Before you go too much farther… do you know what a transition lover is? If you’re newly single you are looking for someone to fill the void that your ex has left in your heart. You’re looking for someone to provide comfort and validation.

Enter the Transition Lover… your “soul mate,” the person you were meant to spend your life with. He, or she, completes you, providing the comfort and validation you so critically need.

The transition lover may awaken passions you haven’t felt for years or may never have felt before and it’s easy to start planning a future with him or her.


Making long term plans in the heat of passion will backfire because most transition relationships don’t last.

If you don’t take the time for “me work” after your divorce or break-up, if your needs are too great to wait, you will fall in love with the first person who fits your current needs.

Those needs change as you recover from your failed relationship and when the transitional lover no longer fits your needs, when you look at him or her and wonder what the attraction was in the first place, you will probably dump them.

So, what do you do when you meet “the one” when you’re newly divorced or fresh out of a failed relationship?

First, enjoy yourself. Transitional lovers are exciting and passionate.

Second, take your time. Don’t make any major commitments or decisions. If they’re really “the one” they won’t disappear just because you won’t rush into an exclusive or permanent relationship.

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Like fine wine, true love gets better over time. Give your relationship time to develop into a “fine wine.” Give yourself time to heal the hurts from your prior relationship.

True love lasts. Transition love provides a bridge that gets you to where true love waits.

When you’ve outgrown your transitional lover and are ready to move on, please end the relationship as gently as possible. Even if you’ve outgrown the relationship with them, they may still be deeply in love with you.