Blind Dates

Nearly everyone talks badly about blind dates, and there’s usually a reason for that. What typically happens is you’ve been dateless and on your own for a while and people start to notice. These are usually your happily married best friends, sister, mother, aunt, grandmother, and so on.

Rarely do you find men interested in setting up their single buddies with someone unless they are being spurred on by their female better half. No matter who is doing the arranging, blind dates have developed a bad rep over the years.

You know those jokes about “What does she look like?” and the answer is “She has a really great personality.”  That one seemed to alert the guy being set up that the girl he was meeting might be a lot of fun but she was definitely lacking on looks.

If you’re still living in the past, you should push that fast forward button and consider that things today may not be as bad as they used to be when it comes to blind dates.

These days, it’s perfectly acceptable to let someone you trust set you up on a blind date. The word in that sentence is “trust.” For example, if you and your sister don’t get along that well, you may not want to allow her to arrange a date for you with someone sight unseen. On the other hand, your best friend will most likely have your best interests at heart. Therefore, it’s probably fine to let her fix you up with someone she feels would be perfect for you. While your sister may be mean and set you up with a guy that you would just as soon not want to be seen in public with, your friend that loves you will want you to adore the man she has found for you.

Blind dates shouldn’t carry the stigma they once did. These days, a blind date is a very respectable way to meet someone with whom you may share common interests. More often than not, a blind date now means that someone has taken two people they care about a lot and have found a way to introduce them to each other.

There’s no “throwing them together” as in the past. Now, it’s done in a very comfortable and easy going environment so that if things don’t work out, no one is embarrassed.

All of these reasons are why you should seriously give blind dating a shot. If you trust the person that’s doing the arranging, there’s no need for you to worry about it or be wary of it. Look at it as a way to get out for an evening and have a good time, and possibly a delicious free dinner. If things go well between you and the arranged date, you may end up with more than just a pleasant evening. Many happily married couples first met on a blind date and they highly recommend it as a way for singles to meet.