Can You Really Find Everlasting Love?

All women that grew up reading fairy tales such as Cinderella and Snow White believed in happy endings when they were little girls. It is stories such as these that shaped the way they viewed love and relationships. From the time that most little girls are 5 years they are already planning for the time when they meet their Prince Charming. A lot of them have begun planning their wedding day. They dress up in their mother’s old dresses and tie scarves around their heads as pretend wedding veils. They don’t grow up thinking about divorce or the pain that comes with many relationships. However, once they grow up or get old enough to realize that this isn’t always the true way of life, they start to wonder if happily ever after is even possible.

First of all, when the right people find each other, a happy ending is QUITE possible. These are the people that have many things in common and have a mutual and intense attraction to one another. They work on any issues that happen to come up between them in a civilized and loving way. What’s different for these couples? Very simply, they do love and respect each other. Therefore, they’re not going to have to STRUGGLE to FORCE their relationship to work.

Sadly, many women find out too late that Mr. Right is, instead, Mr. Dangerous and Abusive. These relationships never have good endings. That’s why it’s so important to really do your research on someone before committing wholeheartedly. If you ask the right people the right questions, you may save yourself a lot of heartache as well as gaining a new chance of meeting someone that will provide YOUR happily ever after.

There’s nothing in fairy tales that can prepare a child for the real world when they grow up. That’s why it becomes harder to believe in happy endings when they reach the age of first love and beyond. However, YOU can do a lot to reach your own happiness goals when it comes to relationships. Forget everything those fairy tales told you and approach your grown up relationship from an intelligent point of view.

When you meet someone you like, take some time to get to know him. Ask questions and pay close attention to the answers and to how those answers are delivered. Find out just how much you have in common and assess how you feel when you’re with him. Once you’ve discovered all you can about this new man and you still want to know more, chances are good that this is Mr. Right for you.

There are no guarantees when it comes to relationships and true love, but if you’ve followed these suggestions, your odds are much better for a great relationships than if you just jumped in blindly head first. Yes, you’ll always have to take a chance when it comes to meeting the right man for you, but these will lessen a lot once you understand how to look. You can get your happy ending, after all.