When He and His Mom Are Too Close

Some men are excessively attached to their mothers. While the majority of these men see nothing wrong with this the women who fall in love with them often suffer from this relationship. In most cases a woman may not even realize that she has become involved with a mama’s boy until it is much too late to avoid heartbreak in one way or another. In some cases however there may be some small signs that signal a woman that she should be wary and proceed in this relationship with extreme caution. Continue reading When He and His Mom Are Too Close

What You Can Learn From Kate’s Breakup with Prince William

When Prince William finally asked Kate Middleton to be his bride it came as a delightful surprise to many since the prince and Kate had broken up in the past. The way that Kate handled herself during that breakup can be both encouragement and a lesson to many women that have been broken up with. If you’re one of these women, read on and pay close attention to how Kate dealt with the situation and still ended up with her man. Continue reading What You Can Learn From Kate’s Breakup with Prince William

Getting Over Your Ex When He’s Over You

If you’ve had a relationship end and all you can think about is getting your ex back, you’ve probably tried everything you can think of to get him to say it was all mistake and that he’s still in love with you. In fact, this is most likely the fantasy that you carry with you day after day. You continue to hold in your mind just how it will all take place when he comes racing back to you, begging for your forgiveness while proclaiming his love for you. Continue reading Getting Over Your Ex When He’s Over You

Should You Discuss Your Sexual History?

At some point in time during every relationship comes the dreaded question: So how many (women or men) have you slept with? This is the time when you’ll need to figure out what you’re going to say about your past. If you haven’t had a very active sexual and/or romantic past, you have very little to worry about. On the other hand, if your past has been colorful to say the least, you may find that sharing that information with someone you currently care about may not be all that simple. Continue reading Should You Discuss Your Sexual History?

Are You Addicted To Love?

Even though you can’t seem to find the love of your life, that dizzy roller coaster of emotions that comes about from that first kiss with someone new to the bottomless pit of despair when the affair ends is something you just have to have. It’s certainly better than the in-between state of being dateless and feeling nothing. At least that’s what you keep telling yourself. Besides, there’s always someone else just around the corner to use to fill up your empty void. Continue reading Are You Addicted To Love?

Red Flags!

Picture this: After months of looking around and dating frogs that never turn into princes, you’ve finally found a guy that seems promising. He’s great looking, has a really funny sense of humor, wants to pay for your dates, and seems to want all the same things you do. Yet, the more time you spend with him, the more you start to worry about whether first impressions are always the truth. Continue reading Red Flags!

Dating A Shy Guy

Women find shy men challenging because they never make the first move. In fact, this is often why a gorgeous, smart, and available man is still available. He’s too shy to approach a woman he likes and ask her out. That’s something that women should keep in mind when they meet men that seem like they should be “taken.” The guy is probably too shy to get a relationship off the ground. In this case, it will be up to you to get things started. Continue reading Dating A Shy Guy

Are You ‘Just A Friend’ To Him?

Many times, women develop crushes or totally fall in love with their male best friends. Since it’s very possible that your friend adores you on some level, at the same time, he would probably be shocked to find out that you had feelings for him that went beyond those of friendship. Therefore, it’s better to have an idea of how he really feels for you before professing your undying love for him. Continue reading Are You ‘Just A Friend’ To Him?

Why Doesn’t He Call When He Says He Will?

Nearly every woman has gone through this scenario: You go out with a new guy and have an absolutely amazing time. It seems that you have everything in common and the chemistry is off the charts. After spending the evening together at dinner and a movie, or a club, he takes you home and you invite him in. Whether you sleep with him or not, there’s at least a lot of making out. Continue reading Why Doesn’t He Call When He Says He Will?

What To Do On A First Date

First dates are always awkward and this is only normal. When you go out with someone for the first time, you will not know how to act, you will always be on your guard, and as a result, things will look unnatural. It is not easy to behave normally when you are nervous; and people tend to be really nervous when they go out on their first date. They cannot speak. They cannot be themselves. They cannot eat. They cannot do anything right. Continue reading What To Do On A First Date

Dating A Man In Prison

Something that has come into the public eye more and more often in recent years is the ever increasing number of women that become romantically involved with men serving prison sentences. While these relationships have to be viewed on an individual basis, these are not relationships that were in existence before incarceration. These are relationships that have been started well after the men have begun serving their sentences for their crimes. Continue reading Dating A Man In Prison

How To Meet Gay Women

Even though more and more gay women are proudly living the lifestyle of their choice today, it can still be difficult to meet other gay women for dating and relationships. It’s typically no easier for gay women to meet the right person than it is for straight women. If you’re really serious about finding the right woman for you, there are several options open to you just by using a bit of creative thinking. Continue reading How To Meet Gay Women

The Passive Aggressive Man

If you’re in a relationship with a passive aggressive man, you probably already know it. In case you’re still wondering, the passive aggressive guy is the one that avoids responsibility and conflict by being passive and withdrawing. He’s the “nice” man that reeled you in with his adoration, but once he’s landed you, things change so fast you’ll go cross eyed until you decide to get out of the situation. Continue reading The Passive Aggressive Man