Will Your Family Accept Your Bi-Racial Relationship?

In the 21st century, there tends to be more of an acceptance that not all relationships are going to be between two people of the same race. It is certainly not as difficult as it used to be in the past. However, in certain parts of the country, it is still very much a big deal when two people of different races come together in a romantic relationship. Continue reading Will Your Family Accept Your Bi-Racial Relationship?

Are You Open-Minded?

The 21st century has brought many dating concepts out in the open where everyone can evaluate them and decide just what group they fit into. There are now not only straight, or heterosexual couples, but also homosexual couples of both sexes as well as those people that seem to enjoy all sexes. You will find these different groups of people no matter where you live in the world, and your dilemma may just be to figure out whether you want to fit into one group only, or more than one. Continue reading Are You Open-Minded?

Dating A Man In Prison

Something that has come into the public eye more and more often in recent years is the ever increasing number of women that become romantically involved with men serving prison sentences. While these relationships have to be viewed on an individual basis, these are not relationships that were in existence before incarceration. These are relationships that have been started well after the men have begun serving their sentences for their crimes. Continue reading Dating A Man In Prison

Is Same-Sex Sex Cheating?

There are many couples together these days where at least one of the partners is bisexual. They even discuss the fact that the bisexual partner may go out and find someone to play with on occasion. If the other partner is into it, they can even engage in the occasional threesome. However, there remains the question of whether or not the bisexual partner is cheating when playing around with their same sex partner. Continue reading Is Same-Sex Sex Cheating?

How To Meet Gay Women

Even though more and more gay women are proudly living the lifestyle of their choice today, it can still be difficult to meet other gay women for dating and relationships. It’s typically no easier for gay women to meet the right person than it is for straight women. If you’re really serious about finding the right woman for you, there are several options open to you just by using a bit of creative thinking. Continue reading How To Meet Gay Women

Gay Relationships

As the population of gay people seem to be increasing a bit more all the time, there have been more studies into the relationships of gay couples as compared with those of straight couples. What has been found over and over again is that there really aren’t all that many differences between the two. This is probably not going to surprise gay couples because it’s most likely something that they knew all along. Continue reading Gay Relationships