Will Your Family Accept Your Bi-Racial Relationship?

In the 21st century, there tends to be more of an acceptance that not all relationships are going to be between two people of the same race. It is certainly not as difficult as it used to be in the past. However, in certain parts of the country, it is still very much a big deal when two people of different races come together in a romantic relationship.

Whether it’s due to religious reasons or just being small-minded, there is still a significant number of people that feel it’s somehow “wrong” for someone to be in a relationship with or marry someone outside of his or her race.

If you take a moment to sit down and ponder the question of what on earth does the color of one’s skin, or the part of the world they happen to come from, have to do with anything regarding love, it only gets more puzzling.

Suppose you have met the love of your life and this person is not of your race. Take that a step further and suppose that you are from the Deep South, which tends to be one of the more race conscious parts of the country. You already know that your family is going to have some major issues with this person you have chosen to be with, so there are things you need to do ahead of time prior to introducing him or her to them.

First of all, spend a moderate amount of time talking about the love of your life. Tell your family about his or her great job, how well you’re treated, how responsible and reliable this person is, and how the two of you view so many important things the same way. Don’t overdo it, though, or it will work in the opposite way for you.

Your family will become suspicious because you may seem to be talking this person up too much. Your main objective here is to allow your family to see this amazing person through your eyes at first. Hopefully, in this way, they’ll be ready to like whoever you bring home with you.

As shallow as this will sound, if your love is wealthy or comes from a prestigious family with money, be sure to mention that, too. Sadly, there’s still nothing like money to bring people around to a totally new way of thinking. Just say all of those other nice things about your partner, first. If you can see that it will help, then bring up the money.

The bottom line is that your family should care more about the fact that you are happy and being well treated than what race the person is that is making you so happy. If you’ve paved the way correctly, your family is going to be ready to accept him or her. If they make you choose, they’re only caring more about themselves than what you want.

Your choice in that matter will not be an easy one. But, in the end, you have to do what’s right for you.