Dating A Man In Prison

Something that has come into the public eye more and more often in recent years is the ever increasing number of women that become romantically involved with men serving prison sentences. While these relationships have to be viewed on an individual basis, these are not relationships that were in existence before incarceration. These are relationships that have been started well after the men have begun serving their sentences for their crimes.

To begin with, the women that seem to be drawn into these types of relationships are not unattractive women that are damaged in some way. In fact, these women have been known to be professionals such as attorneys and doctors. They come from all walks of life and most of them could have a very “normal” and happy life with someone on the outside of prison. Yet, they choose these men that are going to be in prison for a very long time. Many of the men will never get out because they are serving life sentences.

What makes these women decide to pledge themselves to men that, many times, they will never be with in any way other than by telephone or on visiting days at the prison?  Again, it totally depends on the individual situation. It can be due to something that connects the couples emotionally, or it can be simply two people getting to know each other and falling in love just like couples in normal situations.

However, it’s hard to forget that these men ARE prisoners serving sentences for everything from theft to murder. Therefore, women that are drawn to prisoners should never lose sight of the fact that these men could very easily be manipulating them for their own reasons. This has happened time and time again with the unsuspecting women never realizing anything until it’s too late.

What is it that motivates these women to devote their lives to men behind bars? Typically, it happens just like with any other couple. For whatever reason, they connect and talk. As they talk, and get to know each other, they find that they have feelings for each other. If neither one of them puts the brakes on the budding relationship, it can develop just as any other romantic relationship does.

Many women devote themselves so completely and fully to these men that they eventually marry them. This is true even of those men that will never walk free again.  It’s true even when the murderers admit what they are and what they’ve done that landed them in prison.

If you’re considering a relationship with a man behind bars, you should keep in mind that while you may be able to say that you have someone in your life; it may also be a rather lonely existence. You’ll still be watching movies alone or with friends, spending Valentine’s Day alone unless it happens to be visiting day, and pretty much all other special or important occasions by yourself.

If all you need is a voice over the phone or talking face to face a few times a week, this may be the relationship for you. Otherwise, think twice.