Dating A Shy Guy

Women find shy men challenging because they never make the first move. In fact, this is often why a gorgeous, smart, and available man is still available. He’s too shy to approach a woman he likes and ask her out. That’s something that women should keep in mind when they meet men that seem like they should be “taken.” The guy is probably too shy to get a relationship off the ground. In this case, it will be up to you to get things started.

Have a look at the following tips for getting this shy guy to be more open:

  • See him where he’s the most comfortable. For example, if he likes to play sports, go to games he plays in or be at the finish line of a marathon he’s running. When a shy guy is doing something he likes and is good at, he’ll be feeling good about himself, which will make him relaxed enough to, possibly, make his move with you if he really likes you.
  • Give him sincere compliments. This means noticing things about him that are compliment worthy. Pay attention to these things that he’s quite good at. If he blogs, go read it and praise something about his writing. Build up his self-esteem and get him talking more about a passion of his.
  • Use his name a lot in conversation. You can even assign a complimentary nickname to him. This shows him that you notice things about him and that he’s important to you. Using his name will make him bond with you faster. If you decide to give him a nickname, use one that fits something about him that you like. For instance, if he’s a good tennis player, you can use his first name and match it with a famous tennis champion.
  • When talking to him, ask him open-ended questions so that he will need to reply to them.  Ask him how he got interested in something such as his job, or why he moved to a certain location. Pick his favorite sport and ask him questions about that. The more you can get him talking, the more comfortable he’ll start to feel with you.
  • Ask him to help you with something. Most men love helping women with something. If you ask him to fix something of yours that you know he can fix, like your car, computer, bike, or whatever, that raises his self-esteem even more around you. As he works, ask him to explain a bit about what he’s doing.
  • Ask him all the “get acquainted” questions. These include his favorite foods, hobbies, music, movies, or sports. Find something in common and then invite him to do it some time. When you hit on something you both like, you’ve found a way to communicate and it’s now easier for him to make his move.

Something to also keep in mind when trying to court a shy guy and get him to open up to you is that if he doesn’t respond in a reasonable amount of time, he’s probably just not interested.