Do You Just Like Being Single?

Being attached to your single status may not make a lot of sense, especially if you’re trying to find your soul mate. However, not everyone that’s single is unhappy about it, nor are they interested in finding love. That’s something you may want to consider if you find yourself continually sabotaging all promising partners.

If you’ve been single for a while, there’s probably a comfort zone in that for you. It’s familiar and it’s comfortable. The unknown isn’t quite as desirable to you subconsciously just because it’s different and you don’t know what’s on the other side. It makes you retreat no matter how much you may think you want love.

Check out the following signs of single attachment and see if any of them apply to you:

  • You feel that no one you date is good enough for you. Everyone you go out with is either too fat, too old, too young, not rich enough, dresses tacky, talks funny, or any other myriad of issues. When you’re ultra-picky, you’ve made sure that you won’t ever find the right one because you’re looking for perfection, which you won’t find.
  • You always want the ones you can’t have. The only people you really want are always the ones that don’t want you, or they’re already with other people. Either way, you need to figure out why you never want anyone that’s available.
  • You’re a social butterfly and your calendar is always full of parties and other social get-togethers. This makes it seem like you’re trying to find love, but at the same time, you’re actually deliberately keeping yourself too busy to take the time to get to know anyone you may meet at these events. It shows that you’re not ready to settle on any one person.
  • You’re a workaholic. This is the other side of the social butterfly. You stay too busy working so that there’s never any time for you to get out socially. Ambition is amazing, but not when you busy yourself so deeply in work just so you can avoid a romantic relationship.
  • Purposely fading into the background. Online dating or speed dating events aren’t for everyone. However, on the other hand, going out on dates removes you from your comfort zone. You’re deliberately avoiding putting any effort into meeting anyone for romance.

If you’re at all interested in breaking free from this attachment you have to remaining single, you have to understand that you’re behind the dating problems you have. Figure out why you’re so terrified of being in love. If there are inner wounds to heal, you need to find a way to do that.

Visualize yourself in a happy and healthy relationship where you and another person are madly in love with each other. Allow yourself to experience just how good that feels. This may just trick your mind into stopping all of the dating sabotage you’ve been engaging in. Once you decide to accept love, your life will change in ways you never imagined.