Doing Some ‘Me Work’ To Get Your Ex Back

After a break up, it may not be as difficult to get your ex back as you think. Remember, this is someone that was once totally in love with you. It probably wasn’t that long ago, either, that they told you daily how much they loved you. You most likely never parted ways without a goodbye kiss.

Everything’s changed now, and it seems that your life has been ripped out from under you. Breakups are like being on an emotional roller coaster. That’s just how up and down you are. As long as you feel this way, you’re not ready to try to get your ex back.

First, you have to work through the way you’re feeling about it all. Once you’ve dealt with those feelings, it will be time to try winning back your ex. Try these techniques to rid yourself of the anger you feel:

  • Write letters: Write or type in an email addressed to your ex the horrible way you’ve been feeling. Include all of your anger, hurt and sense of unfairness at the way you were treated. Literally, pour your heart out to your ex in these communications. Don’t leave anything out. After you’ve written your letters, read back over them to yourself. Then, set them on fire and be sure they are all burned to ashes. If you chose to use an email version, send them to a bogus email account you have created just for this. Be sure not to accidently send them to your ex, and be sure to delete them from your Sent folder once you and your ex are back together.
  • Scream, yell and cry: You can do all of these things in the privacy of your own home to effectively release your anger. This means you’re being honest about how you feel and are getting these feelings out in a safe environment. Get out a picture of your ex and scream at it. Sometimes this is a wonderful way to get out your anger. Just be sure there’s no one around when you do this.
  • Cry your heart out:  Crying has its own way of healing emotional pain. If you cry until you can’t cry anymore, you’ll feel reborn. It may also feel as if you’ve had a huge burden lifted from you. There’s a lot to be said for having a good cry. Just don’t do it in public or at work. Do it in the privacy of your home or
  • Use a physical outlet: Take out your anger on a punching bag, run, jog or just take a long walk while you sort things out in your head. There are many ways to use physical exercise to rid yourself of the anger and hurt you feel. Not only will it help you deal with your anger, but it will help you get in better physical shape. Imagine how surprised your ex will be to see you again after you’ve been doing all of this exercising for a while.

Once you have resorted to any or all of the above ways to handle your anger and pain, you’ll find that you’re ready to take on the challenge of getting your ex back again.