Is Same-Sex Sex Cheating?

There are many couples together these days where at least one of the partners is bisexual. They even discuss the fact that the bisexual partner may go out and find someone to play with on occasion. If the other partner is into it, they can even engage in the occasional threesome. However, there remains the question of whether or not the bisexual partner is cheating when playing around with their same sex partner.

Technically, any time either partner goes outside of a marriage or otherwise committed relationship, it is cheating. When you’re committed to one person, that means there shouldn’t be other people involved in the relationship as sexual partners. But that’s just the technical way of looking at things.

For many couples where one or both partners are bisexual, there’s a different point of view. They consider that in order to be happy and totally satisfied they may need to allow for some “wiggle room” when it comes to bringing in playmates. These relationships are considered a bit more open but there are rules that need to be adhered to. Examples of these relationships include allowing the partner that is bisexual to go outside the relationship and choose someone to have some fun with, or bringing the third person into the relationship for threesomes so that no one is left out.

Some couples feel that they’re more comfortable to try to meet the needs of each other’s preferences without including another person. As that situation can turn into something rather messy at some point, this is probably the better idea. Depending on which partner is bisexual, there are adjustments made in the bedroom that bring about more satisfaction to that partner.

On the occasions where both partners are bisexual, there are things that can be done to make each partner feel good about the relationship. They can take turns dressing up and role playing so that each partner gets what he or she needs from time spent in bed. Adult shops are excellent places to visit when searching for such things as costumes and toys.

While a straight partner may generously offer the freedom to his or her bisexual partner to have a same sex encounter, that partner may not totally understand the ramifications that can come about because of this. As this other partner is bisexual, there’s every chance that he or she will fall in love with their same sex playmate and decide that a real relationship with that person is what he or she desires more. That’s something that can happen when straight relationships go outside of the marriage to play with others sexually, and it’s no different in bisexual relationships. Basically, you’re taking a chance.

However, what it comes down to is what these couples are happiest with. Their marriages or committed relationships may be strong enough to withstand adding another person to it. If that’s true, there’s no reason that it should be considered cheating. What works for some won’t work for others. It’s a completely individual choice.