Almost every couple experiences jealousy regarding their partner at some time or another. While this is a very complicated emotion it is also a very normal one. Even couples who are completely secure in their relationship will experience jealousy under the right circumstances.

In some cases a woman actually likes it when her man is jealous to a point. If he never displays this emotion she will tend to do things to make him jealous. This is because for many women jealousy is a way of a man showing that she means something to him.

The thing that many women don’t understand in situations such as this is that she is completely trusted by her partner. This often means that he doesn’t feel the need to be jealous of her actions or who she talks to or flirts with. When this is the case there really needs to be some communication so that the woman understands her partner’s feelings and why he doesn’t feel the need to become jealous at every move she makes.

In other relationships jealousy is so much an issue that it is almost like a disease. These people are so distrustful of each other that they look for ways to check up on them such as checking their phones to see who has called them or calling friends to see if they were really where they said they were. Many people who endure this type of jealousy often feel smothered and eventually the relationship will die as a result of it. This type of jealousy should be addressed quickly because it can lead to serious problems.

Jealousy is not necessarily a bad thing in the right amounts and situations. When jealousy becomes bad is when it gets to the point where a person is convinced that his partner is stepping out. Even if you feel this is the case it is important to address the issue before it has a chance to get to a violent level. Even if you are completely justified in your jealousy violence is never an acceptable way to handle the situation regardless of the circumstances.

Every relationship needs communication. When you have this even the worst situations can be handled in a calm and rational manner. If you notice that your jealousy is bringing an end to a relationship that is important to you and good in all other ways it is definitely time to do something. Remember that talking to each other can usually lead to a solution of any problem but both parties have to be willing to let a solution be reached.

When dealing with these problems remember that anger won’t solve anything. If you feel that you can’t talk rationally try taking a walk until you calm down enough to hold an intelligent and rational conversation. Taking the time to do this will show that the relationship means enough to you for you to make the effort to fix whatever the problem may be.