Living Together Before Marriage

Many couples decide that they want to live together before making the commitment to get married. This is usually something that they work into on a gradual basis. There are many ways to do this and it is up to each couple as to how they approach it.

In some instances, the suggestion comes in the form of a special presentation, much like a marriage proposal. One partner, typically the man, will gift wrap a key to his apartment or house and present it to his girlfriend. This will let her know that she’s very important to him and that she is welcome to come into his home anytime she would like. Another version of it is when a drawer is gift wrapped and presented to a partner. That is also saying that the partner is welcome there and that drawer is so that he or she can leave some items of clothing and other needed things for when an overnight visit is planned.

This is a lovely way to open the subject of living together. When the door is opened, it becomes simpler to talk about how it will all come about. Most of the time, this sort of thing is an experiment to see if the relationship is ready to move to the next level. Using that key whenever you want or actually putting things in that drawer really shows that things are getting a bit more serious. If you don’t use these things, then it is similar to saying that you’re not quite ready to take that more permanent step.

However, once you’re using the key to come in whenever you want without any warning first, you’re saying that you’re comfortable in doing that. This is encouraging because the comfort level rising shows that the two of you may just about ready to take that all important action of totally moving in together. This is the time to sit down and have a very open and honest discussion about where you would like to see your relationship go. If moving in together is something that will help to see if you’re ready for a more committed relationship later on, that’s what you should definitely try out.

Some people feel this is a backward way of doing things, but there aren’t many of those left. The 21st century has ushered in many different and more open minded ways of looking at relationships. Marriage is not always the first option for couples that love each other. Living together first is something that people have been doing for quite some time now and it may not always be successful. On the other hand, relationships where couples live together without benefit of marriage many times last a lot longer than the ritualized ceremonies and legalities. It all depends on the attitude couples have going into an arrangement of this sort.

No matter whether you’re living together unmarried or in a marriage, the best way to make things work out is to address all issues together as the couple you are.