Moving In Together

When you’re in a relationship that is rather serious and seems to show no signs of slowing down, it may be time to consider whether or not to move in together. There are definitely some things that will hint if the time is right or not. It’s just a matter of recognizing them for what they are and then understanding how to interpret them.

For instance, if it seems that you’re spending so much time together that the two of you are either at your place or the other one’s, then it’s probably time to look at the advantages of sharing a residence. There’s a lot to be said about splitting such things as rent, light bills, water, and the cost of food. Not only will you be saving a lot of money in paying bills, but you’ll also save in gas and the wear and tear on vehicles because you’ll no longer need to drive back and forth from one home to the other.

The convenience is certainly a huge part of the decision making process. However, there is another part that should definitely be taken into consideration. That’s the sweet and romantic part of things. You know, the part where you just can’t seem to stand to be apart even when you’re both at your respective jobs? Even when you’re not together, you’re thinking about each other or texting, emailing or calling each other. What could be sweeter than being able to go home and know that you’ll see the other one when you get there?

Something else to think about is how well you know this person that you’re considering making your housemate and, possibly, more. While you may have spent enough time together that you each know what the other one looks like first thing in the morning, there’s always the possibility that you’re both still on your best behavior around each other. This can mean that there are still some undesirable things that you don’t know about this person you’re so crazy about. However, if you choose to move in together, those traits will have to come out and will not be able to be hidden any longer.

Unfortunately, that’s the chance you take when you decide to move in with someone. Once that address change is made, it’s no holds barred and you get what you see. On the other hand, there may not BE any hidden traits. It may just be a continuation of what you’ve already seen, which would be a happy and welcome event. The thing is, you’re really not going to know for sure until you actually take up residence with this person.

So, those are some things to think about hard before making the final choice to begin cohabitation. It can be a wildly happy and wonderful thing or it can be disappointing and frustrating. You have to be prepared for either one of these. However, going into the situation with a positive and celebratory attitude just might make all the difference in the world.