Should You Discuss Your Sexual History?

At some point in time during every relationship comes the dreaded question: So how many (women or men) have you slept with? This is the time when you’ll need to figure out what you’re going to say about your past. If you haven’t had a very active sexual and/or romantic past, you have very little to worry about. On the other hand, if your past has been colorful to say the least, you may find that sharing that information with someone you currently care about may not be all that simple.

For those people with the issue of having too many varied indiscretions in the past, you may definitely want to pick and choose which of these you tell your current partner. There are some ways to weed out what you should and should not say along with methods of selecting which episodes are sure to get out and the ones that are safely hidden away. As you start to take a walk down Memory Lane, you may find that the worst dalliances don’t even have to come to the light of day.

To begin with, you need to look closely at any of these encounters to see just how bad they might make you look. If there’s a way that you can definitely keep any of these things from getting back to your partner, it may be safe to leave those particular things out of your revelations. However, the things that too many people know about, or things that may affect your current relationship, need to be talked about.

It’s not always easy to come clean about your sexual past especially if you’ve been somewhat of a player. Other people that can tell your partner all about how many people you’ve wined, dined and bedded need to be taken into consideration. For these sorts of situations, you’re going to have to be able to explain how this relationship is a lot different from the flings you used to have. It may even be necessary for you to draw on all of that past charm to make a convincing case. The success of your current relationship may depend on how well you explain your decadent past.

Now, if you happen to be with a very jealous minded person, you may want to tone down even the worst liaisons. If they’re pretty safely hidden, don’t mention them at all. Odds are good that they will never be discovered and, even if they are, you can deal with that situation when and if it happens.

Generally, it’s not the best idea to ever discuss past sexual exploits with your current partner. The exception to this is if both of you have some sort of fetish where hearing these details tends to enhance your own connection. Then, you most likely won’t have to even doctor or downplay the details. The more exciting they are the better. Just be sure to gauge what your partner can handle before spilling all the beans.