Timing Is Everything

If you are involved in a relationship with the opposite sex then the question will eventually arise about sexual intimacies. In some cases it is a little difficult to know when is the right time to allow your relationship to advance to this level.

Regardless of what men may say most of them still like good old fashioned girls that make them work a little for what they want. Basically this means that no matter what your age is chances are if you are willing to sleep with a man right away then he probably isn’t going to have much respect for you and may not even want to continue the relationship beyond this one encounter. For this reason you should always think before you act on sexual feelings especially in the beginning.

One thing you should never do is agree to sex on a first date. This not only gives the impression that you are easy but also makes it loud and clear that sex is a huge factor in a relationship to you. The only exception to this rule is if you have known someone for an extensive amount of time and have only recently allowed the relationship to progress to a romantic level. In any other case sex should be avoided at all costs during this stage of your relationship.

The second date is also not a good time to be considering sexual relations with someone. This is especially true if you are just getting to know this person. Two dates is in no way long enough to even think you know someone. While you may be getting a feel for some of their likes and dislikes there is still a lot you don’t know and if you are even considering agreeing to sex this soon you need to take a step back.

While some people tend to give in by the third day this is still much too soon in a majority of cases. In order to have a successful relationship you have to take time to really get to know a person. While it may be true that sex tends to bring couples closer together it is important to make sure this is a person you want to get closer to. Many times you get to this point in a relationship and then allow it to advance to the next level only to regret it later when you find out you didn’t know the other person as well as you thought you did.

If you are looking for a real relationship that can evolve into something that stands half a chance of lasting for the long term take it slow. Spend time together in a variety of settings and give yourselves time to learn each other’s habits and personalities. The longer you take to get to know a person the better the chances that you are getting to know the real person and not just how they portray themselves when with you. Make sure you feel completely right about what you are doing in every way before you allow any relationship to advance to a sexual level. In the end you will be glad you waited.