What To Do On A First Date

First dates are always awkward and this is only normal. When you go out with someone for the first time, you will not know how to act, you will always be on your guard, and as a result, things will look unnatural. It is not easy to behave normally when you are nervous; and people tend to be really nervous when they go out on their first date. They cannot speak. They cannot be themselves. They cannot eat. They cannot do anything right.

First dates, however ominous, are sweet. Everyone longs to experience such things because you cannot compare it with anything. If you are going out with someone for the very first time, it is normal to be a little nervous. And to be able to cope with what lies ahead, you should take the following Do’s and Don’t’s into consideration:

  • Do dress up appropriately. Do not be afraid to ask your date where he plans to take you because you will be able to prepare more for the date, if you knew. Otherwise, you could end up wearing a dainty dress for a rock concert, or something totally inappropriate for dinner in a posh restaurant. Dressing appropriately is important for a date because it will give you the right confidence and the right attitude.
  • Do talk and listen. You are going out with someone you barely know. To break the ice and begin to be more at ease with this person, spend a lot of time talking about each other. Tell your date about yourself and your life, without having to reveal too much all at once. Similarly, let your date talk about himself. Show interest in what he has to say, and take time to listen. The conversation will be more fruitful if there is positive interaction between the two of you.
  • Do offer to pay. Although guys are expected to pay for their dates, be polite and offer to pay. Of course, you have to have money to offer, because he may accept it and you will be caught off guard. It is polite to ask to cover the bill, especially if you are having coffee after meal. If he insists, graciously accept and say thank you.
  • Don’t order something ridiculous. Even if your date encourages you to order anything, be sensitive and do not order the most expensive meal in the menu. Order what you want, without having to put your date on the spotlight. Take only what you can eat, and do not give your date a hard time.
  • Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. It is nice to put your best foot forward, when you are dating someone, but you do not have to pretend to be someone you are not. If you will not be able to follow through to the end, do not pretend that you can give the stars and the moon because it will just ruin things. Instead, be yourself. Be well mannered without having to pretend to be someone you are not. If you want to crack a joke, go ahead and spread some laughter. If you want to express your opinion about someone, do so without being rude.