When He and His Mom Are Too Close

Some men are excessively attached to their mothers. While the majority of these men see nothing wrong with this the women who fall in love with them often suffer from this relationship. In most cases a woman may not even realize that she has become involved with a mama’s boy until it is much too late to avoid heartbreak in one way or another. In some cases however there may be some small signs that signal a woman that she should be wary and proceed in this relationship with extreme caution.

It is good for a man to be close to his mother to a point and to think or speak highly of her or how hard she has worked. When the problems come in is when a man compares everything you do to things his mother does. This is especially true when you can’t seem to measure up to how his mother may have done things. This is a sign that turbulent waters may be ahead where this relationship is concerned especially if you say anything remotely negative about mom.

Many of the men who are this attached to their mom often still live at home with her. Likewise many of these men feel that mom should be included in many of your dates even when you are celebrating what should otherwise be private moments.

Many men who have such close relationships with their mothers make it common practice to tell their mothers everything including intimate details of their relationships. They are also likely to allow their mothers to make many important decisions regarding relationships regardless of how you may feel about this occurrence.

A phone can be a serious problem if you are involved with a man who is excessively close to his mother. Many of these men feel that they simply must answer their phone anytime she calls and jump and run whenever she wants.

These same men also tend to spend more time with mom than you and get moody or upset when they go for an entire day without seeing or speaking to mom. It is not uncommon for them to spend large portions of your dates talking to mom on the phone and put her needs above all others including yours.

Now that you know some of the signs to beware of keep these in mind. If you notice any of these signs it might be a good time to back out of this relationship gracefully before you get any further involved. If you feel this is something you can live with and still be happy then by all means full steam ahead.

The only good thing about being involved with a mama’s boy is that they truly know how to treat a woman like a queen. The problem with this however is that his mother gets the same treatment. There is only one minor difference between his treatment of you and his treatment of his mother and that is the fact that he doesn’t sleep in her bed.

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