Would You Want To Marry You?

Many people are on the lookout for someone not only to love, but to marry as well. In fact, a lot of these people focus on what sort of person they want to marry and forget a very important part of the equation: Are they the marrying kind?

This is something that very few people even think about when they are looking for their lifetime partner. They figure that they, themselves, are such catches that they don’t even take the time to figure out why anyone would want to marry them. Therefore, the first question should be: Would you marry you?

Think about all the things you look for in a partner. You want them to be honest, considerate, loving, giving, exciting, sexy, attractive, and faithful. At least that’s the typical list that people want in a partner.

Whatever your particular list of desired qualities in someone is, you need to write them down and put them where you can read them one at a time. As you go down that list, look deep within yourself and be brutally honest about whether or not you meet these qualifications yourself. It may shock you to find that you’re not quite as much of a catch as you initially thought.

Take any of those qualities from the list and think very hard about whether that is one of your strong points or not. For example, start with consideration. Do you think about another person’s feelings before your own? Of course, this is in context of relationships, not just someone you see walking down the street.

Have you mastered the art of compromise, or do you have to have everything your own way all the time? Consideration is very important if a relationship, or marriage, is going to be successful.

Now, do this for all of the other requirements on your list. Don’t cheat on the truth about yourself, either. This is the only way you’ll know for sure if you’re someone that others would be clamoring to marry. If you cannot meet your own expectations you have no right to be so stringent in what you require in a lifetime partner.

Consider that it’s unrealistic to believe you’ll attract someone with great hygiene when you refuse to shower or brush your teeth regularly. Yes, Jessica Simpson gets away with not brushing her teeth every day, but chances are you are not a Jessica Simpson and don’t have the other things that she does to make up for the fact that her teeth may not be fresh and clean all the time.

Never expect less of yourself than you do of potential marriage partners. That’s the first, and most deadly, mistake that people tend to make in the game of love. Don’t assume that you are such a prize catch that you don’t have anything to worry about.

Remember that while you’re reading your list and checking it twice, someone else is doing the very same thing about YOU. That kind of puts it all in perspective, doesn’t it?