Getting Over Your Ex When He’s Over You

If you’ve had a relationship end and all you can think about is getting your ex back, you’ve probably tried everything you can think of to get him to say it was all mistake and that he’s still in love with you. In fact, this is most likely the fantasy that you carry with you day after day. You continue to hold in your mind just how it will all take place when he comes racing back to you, begging for your forgiveness while proclaiming his love for you.

At some point, you’ll most likely realize that he isn’t coming back no matter what you do to make that happen. This is the moment when you should also understand that it’s time for you to get over him. You cannot let this take over the rest of your life because there are more men to be enjoyed out there. Instead, it’s now time to start getting over your ex.

The first thing you want to do is remove him from your cell phone directory. Leaving him in there just gives you more chances to pass his name and start reliving the past. Don’t do this to yourself. Remove all reminders of him from your phone, home, workplace, and car.

Stop making yourself and your friends miserable by continuing to repeat the awful story of your breakup. Yes, your friends will want to help you during this difficult time, but you don’t need to still be talking about it a month later. When you stop talking about it, you can start moving away from the pain of the breakup.

Make a list of all his bad qualities. Put down things you never had in common. Don’t over romanticize the good times. Focus, instead, on the reality of how the two of you really got along.

Stop driving past his house or a favorite hangout just to see if he’s there. The more you do this, the unhappier you’ll be. You’ll also look like a psychotic stalker to be feared.

Think of a mantra to repeat to yourself during the really bad times. It can be something like “I deserve a man that is completely in love with me.” Whatever you’re comfortable with is great. This will reinforce your self-confidence.

Stop trying to blame yourself for the breakup. When someone is in love with you, it’s ok to make mistakes. That person will love you anyway. The breakup was not all your fault.

Visualize yourself in a happy relationship. As you continue to do this, it makes you more open to helping yourself along that path. You should spend at least 10 minutes daily seeing yourself with someone new that you love and who loves you back. It may not be easy to do at first, but if you keep trying, you’ll find how easy it is to believe that this will happen for you. The inner peace this belief will bring is also what will draw the right man into your life.