Making Him Want the New Improved You

When someone falls in love, it is supposed to be with the overall person, not just appearance. Of course, in the beginning, you are usually on your best behavior so you typically look the best you can as well as have an excellent attitude.

At first, both of you want to be sure that you’re attractive and sweet to each other. As time goes by, however, you may start to slack on your appearance. You may also get snappy, demanding, and whiny with your partner where you would never have done that before. Eventually, this type of behavior can cause your partner to look at you differently and, maybe, decide to leave you.

Usually, when this happens, it seems to come out of nowhere. While you say that you didn’t see it coming, you have to decide if that is really the truth. If your attitude has been causing more and more arguments between the two of you, it should have been a big red flag. Also, if your partner has stopped giving you compliments and the sex has dwindled down to almost non-existent, you should have figured that something was very wrong.

Now, your partner has left and you wish you had paid more attention to the signs and not let yourself go the way you did. There may be a chance to get your ex back if you can re-discover your former self. It’s time to get serious about going through some self-improvement techniques to make both your appearance and your attitude better.

Hit the gym or develop your own workout program. Start eating healthier and get your body back into shape. While you’re at it, try a new hairstyle and/or color. Basically, give yourself a makeover.

While you’re working on that, look into possible causes for your attitude changes. Why were you so hateful, whiny or demanding? Surely you know that people usually don’t like a controlling partner. Both of you need to have some space and time of your own. If you’re never apart, how can you ever miss each other?

Couples that never have anything of their own tend to become boring to themselves and each other. Do a total makeover of your attitude and your way of thinking. Turn yourself back into the attractive and fun person you used to be.

It is better not to have a lot or any contact with your ex while you’re undergoing your transformation period. In that way, it will be a pleasant surprise when he sees you again. It will be almost like meeting you for the first time. Then, when you’re ready, make contact to touch base, set up a lunch or coffee date just to catch up or whatever excuse you decide to use.

The point is that you will go to this meeting looking dynamite and showing him that your best side has returned and is new and improved. This may be all it takes to win him back.