Getting Away From An Abuser

Domestic violence is a serious problem and many women are in the midst of it with no idea how to get out. In some cases a woman may even know what steps she needs to take to get out of an abusive relationship but still chooses to stay with her abuser.

One of the biggest reasons that many women choose this path is fear. If a woman has been in an abusive relationship for any amount of time then she has most likely become so afraid that she stays out of fear for her safety or the safety of her children. When this is the case it is extremely difficult to get a woman to leave no matter how much you beg and plead for her to get herself and her children out of this situation.

Another reason that many women stay with their abusers is because they believe them every time they say they are sorry and it won’t happen again. In the majority of cases however this is almost never the case.

More often than not if a man hits a woman once then he never stops. In addition each time thereafter is often much worse than the last until eventually it escalates to a point that the woman ends up in the hospital or actually loses her life as a result of this violence.

While most women genuinely try to avoid becoming involved with men that are abusive it is not always something that can be seen until it is too late. Many men that are abusive have been that way for so long that they have mastered the art of hiding their true nature until they securely have what they want.

Once they get a woman in this situation they show their true nature and leave no doubts in her mind that going against him will have dangerous and even disastrous consequences. Once this happens a woman is often so shocked by what has occurred that she doesn’t know which way to turn.

In some cases where women do actually try to get out of an abusive relationship the results are not always favorable. If the abusive partner finds out where she is or can get to her they are often not above trying to reclaim what he feels is his by force if necessary. When this happens it is never pretty and women are often in such fear by this time that they rarely try to escape a second time.

It is important for women to know that domestic violence is a serious problem but there is help available. There are many more places that women in these situations can turn to than in years past. The main reason for this is that steps have been taken to educate the public about the dangers of domestic violence. The more people who are aware of this problem the better the chances that women will begin to realize that no matter how bad it seems there is a way out.