Relighting Your Relationship Fire

In the beginning of a new relationship, it’s almost like you can’t keep your hands off of each other. There aren’t enough hours in a day for such things as cuddling and making love. You believe that this will never change because the two of you are just so hot for each other. That’s a very nice daydream but you really need to stop watching soap operas and reading bodice ripper romances. The truth is that it’s perfectly normal for the fires to burn a bit less brightly the longer a relationship lasts.

This doesn’t mean you don’t love each other anymore. It simply means that things change over time and that can’t be avoided. Most likely, your relationship has added more than one distraction over the years such as careers and children. Both of these can take a real bite out of the passion in a relationship as they take a lot of energy that you used to have for only each other. If you feel that your relationship could be burning a bit hotter, there are some very simple ways to fan those flames a bit.

  • First of all, slow down a bit. You’re each busy rushing all over the place with your family, work, or social duties. Most people think their relationship can be put on the back burner while you’re taking care of everything else. However, you need to put things on pause for minute. Observe what’s going on in your relationship now. Pay attention to what your partner is doing today, what he or she is wearing, and ask about their day.
  • Set aside a night or day for a date. Laugh, be a bit silly or crazy. Get back some of that joy you initially had in your relationship. Go bungee jumping, skydiving, roller coaster riding or watch a scary movie. All of these things get your juices flowing again and can create arousal.
  • Do something new together. The excitement of learning or taking part in a new activity or adventure can go a long way to making things heat up between you and your partner. As long as it’s something neither of you have ever done before, this will ignite new passion which will move easily into your relationship and your feelings for each other.
  • Remember to touch each other. Consistent physical contact can go a long way in keeping the passion alive in a relationship. Hold hands, cuddle, kiss and do it often. Eventually, any, or all, of these things will lead to a much more passionate encounter.
  • Always show your partner how valuable he or she is to you. Nothing will kill a relationship faster than one, or both partners, feeling taken for granted. Give a sincere compliment and make sure to mention frequently just how much your partner means to you. This will create important feelings of love that lead to passion.

The last bit of advice for keeping relationships exciting is to not keep count of how often you make love. Instead, remember the quality of the event.