Remembering Why You Broke Up

For many people breaking up is extremely hard to do and making the decision whether or not to get back together is an even harder decision to make. One reason for this is that the longer a person is alone the more it seems like being in a relationship of any kind is preferable to the loneliness and isolation of having no one.

Before you make a decision like this and run back to the one you left, think about this: If you broke up with this person there was most likely a good reason. Think hard about what that reason was.

Chances are very good that the other person has not changed and that reason is still going to be an issue in your relationship. If this is the case the second time around will not go any better than the first time did.

Relationships end for many reasons. The important thing to remember is what those reasons are. In some cases these reasons can be addressed and changes made to correct the problems. If this is not done, the problems will still be the same regardless of how much time you spend apart. If you couldn’t deal with these problems the first time around then you will most likely be no more successful this time.

In order for changes to be made in any relationship there has to be a conscious effort made by both parties. This means both of you have to want things to change. One thing that couples can do to try to get their relationship on the right track is to participate in some sort of counseling. This is often beneficial for many problems which couples face. If cheating was the problem which led to the breakup this is probably a person you should not consider getting back together with.

If being alone is your only reason for getting back together with a previous partner you should seriously reconsider your options. The best thing to do is take the time to allow yourself to move on and then begin dating again. Try to remember the mistakes that you have made in past relationships so that you do not repeat these same mistakes.

When it comes to making a final decision regarding getting back together with a previous partner, think long and hard. Remember all the things about that relationship both good and bad. Don’t let your memory sugar coat things and remember them to be better than they were.

If you were both miserable then chances are you will be just as miserable again. It may be nice for awhile but this will soon wear off and all the old feelings will return to the surface leaving you facing the same problems which you originally walked away from to begin with. Don’t put yourself in this position simply because you are lonely and want someone by your side.

Take the time to find someone new without the headaches of returning to someone old.