Revisiting the Past

When someone you loved more than anything in the world has decided to end the relationship with you, it’s possible that you mope around crying and depressed for days or weeks. The only thing you can focus on is trying to get this person back in your life and somehow make him or her love you again. It’s all you sleep, breathe and eat. How can you get your ex back and have things the way they were?

To begin with, even if you manage to pull this off, things will not be the way they used to be because the way they used to be caused the breakup. So you want things to be better this time around, and there will be a much higher chance of success. Actually, that’s where you want to start; figure out what was wrong that made things end.

Think back to when you first noticed the signals or signs that things were starting to go in a bad direction. Ask yourself what was going on during that time. Try to remember, if you can, what the first thing you noticed was. There’s nearly always a precipitating event to the decline of a relationship. It’s just not always easy to recognize it as such when it happens.

The reason you’re going to be revisiting the past is so you can evaluate the conditions during the time that everything started going downhill. If your ex left you for someone else, there were clear signs, whether you wanted to acknowledge them or not. Most likely, you did subconsciously notice if your partner started coming home late, getting phone calls that he or she left the room to take, or the intimacy between the two of you became non-existent.

Your relationship may not have ended because of someone else. It may have ended out of boredom or the two of you going in different directions. If that happened, there were still signs that it was happening. You simply didn’t pay attention for whatever reason.

Basically, you may have been able to stop the demise of your relationship if you had noticed what was going on right in front of your eyes. People don’t just fall out of love with someone if they truly did love them. That love can dim but if it was true and real, it can be revived and those dying embers can be fanned into a white hot flame once again.

As you look into the past and discover the reasons behind your breakup, gather clues, remedies, and solutions along the way. Figure out what you could have done to change things, and then put those things into action. Use these solutions to try to get things back on track with your ex.

The entire time you’re trying this, also remember that if the love between the two of you was true, it can be revived and your relationship can begin again. Only this time, it will be much better than it ever was in the past because now, you’ll both realize how much you had lost. You’ll appreciate your second chance.