What You Can Learn From Kate’s Breakup with Prince William

When Prince William finally asked Kate Middleton to be his bride it came as a delightful surprise to many since the prince and Kate had broken up in the past. The way that Kate handled herself during that breakup can be both encouragement and a lesson to many women that have been broken up with. If you’re one of these women, read on and pay close attention to how Kate dealt with the situation and still ended up with her man.

To begin with, independent women are much more attractive to men. Clever, confident women that have much to offer, or at least appear that way, are going to be more sought after than the clingy and needy types of women. These are women that lead their own lives without the need of a man to complete them.

Men don’t like to be with women that display neediness because they’ll start to feel smothered. Once this happens, they become distant and, eventually, leave. When Prince William ended the relationship with Kate she didn’t cling and beg. She went about her life and let him see that she was fine without him.

Next, a woman with her own circle of friends, interests and hobbies is much more alluring than a woman that builds her life around her man. When a man is with a woman that has her own life, he doesn’t feel smothered because he’s free to enjoy things on his own as well. In this type of relationship, the man doesn’t have to be there 24/7. He doesn’t have to constantly take care of and provide for her. He’s not her entire world.

A woman with her own life isn’t whiny, dramatic or constantly needing the attention of her man. She’s also not possessive and jealous and doesn’t have to know where he is every second of the day or what he’s doing. Not that Kate did any of those things when she and the prince were together, but she showed him following the breakup that she could just as easily be happy in her own world without him.

Finally, a woman’s independence makes it appear that she can happily live her life without the guy that walked away from her. The idea that she can be lost forever is a huge attractor when it comes to guys. The woman is not standing around waiting for this guy to possibly change his mind and return to her.

It’s this very idea that she can walk away herself that makes him understand what a gift she is. When she’s not around, the guy gets to see what it feels like to miss her. Then he is the one that wants to be together. Feeling that something can be lost allows him to fully experience the miracle of what it’s like to have it.

When the prince walked away from Kate, it only took her a mere 10 weeks to get him back just by leading her own life and appearing independent.